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Administrative Staff

We welcome comments and inquiries regarding Hospice care in general and Hospice of Acadiana, Inc. in particular.

For general information on Hospice services or events sponsored by Hospice of Acadiana, contact David Kobetz, Director of Community Development, at the address below.

Louis “Buzzy” Hebert – Chief Executive Officer – Email Me!
Francis Weber – President – Hospice of Acadiana Board of Directors – Email Me!
Dot Sieferman – Director of Clinical Services – Email Me!
Michelle Derise – Chief Financial Officer – Email Me!
David Kobetz – Director of Community Development – Email Me!
Mike Madona – Director of Foundation Relations – Email Me!
Ann Wallace – Director of Volunteer Services – Email Me!
Lisa Caffery – Director of Social Services – Email Me!
Mary Lahey – Director of The Center for Loss and Transition – Email Me!
Deacon Jim Davis – Director of Pastoral Care – Email Me!
Glen Mire – Medical Services / Medical Director – Email Me!
Bonnie Wallace – Quality Assurance Coordinator – Email Me!
Marilyn Arton – Referrals and Admissions – Email Me!
JoEllen Daspit – Employment and HR Assistant Human Resources – Email Me!