Center for Loss & Transition
Center for Loss & Transition

Welcome to Acadiana's Center for Loss & Transition

Our goal is to provide ongoing, free programming to assist in your journey through grief. We invite you to participate in the programs that you feel will be of most benefit to you.

Acadiana's Center for Loss & Transition offers a safe place for individuals and families to grieve.

These free bereavement services are offered to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. It doesn't matter whether your loved one was a patient of Hospice of Acadiana, another hospice provider, or wasn't a hospice patient at all.

In addition to bereavement services, Acadiana's Center for Loss & Transition also offers Community Transitions - free grief counseling to those suffering from, or because of, a terminal or life-altering illness or condition. This program is specifically designed for those who may be experiencing difficult emotions, reactions and grief as they deal with their new reality.