2024 Hospice of Acadiana Board of Directors

Janice Beyt

Immediate Past President

Aaron Beyt


Kevin Berken


Ann B. Clark

Bryan Frederick

Burt Cestia, Jr.

Vice President

Judith R. Kennedy

Larry Baker, MD

Laurence Vincent

Linda Lipstate, M.D.


Melinda Oberleitner, DNS

Patricia Cran, M.D.

Paul Breaux, M.D.

2nd Vice President

Reverend Louis Richard

Sissy Breaux

Steve Landry, Ph.D.

Thomas "Trey" Hightower, III

Travis Godley

Tyson Cromwell

When the time comes to prioritize compassion, we’re here for you.

At our hospice, our unwavering commitment is to provide hospice services that not only offer respect and dignity to our patients but also extend a compassionate hand to the community. As a nonprofit organization, we go the extra mile by offering free services that other hospice providers simply cannot, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their financial means, receives the quality care and support they deserve during their most challenging times.

Our family of companies is wholeheartedly committed to supporting yours and are organized to provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of caring for your loved ones.


heart-hoa.svg Hospice of Acadiana Foundation

Our foundation is dedicated to securing essential resources that enable us to extend the reach of our services and uphold our commitment to providing exceptional, compassionate care. Its invaluable contributions bring numerous benefits, including the ability to offer free services, enhance the quality of care, and ensure that every patient, regardless of their financial situation, can experience the comfort and support they deserve during their end-of-life journey.

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